5 Wedding Day Tips

As a bride, you are juggling what feels like a million tasks from the moment you get engaged.  While your to do list may seem like it never gets shorter - cross one thing off an add two more - on your wedding day (or maybe the day before), it will be time to relinquish control and enjoy. Whether or not every item has been checked off, here are a few tips to help make the most of your big day.

1.        A Bride Bag.  We recommend starting a “bride bag” for your first fitting.  In it, put everything you think you need for your first fitting; strapless bra, undergarments, jewelry, hair piece, etc.  When you put the gown and all accessories on at your fitting you will know if you are missing something.  Jot down a quick note of what you need to add to your bag and be sure to stick those items in there before your next fitting.  If you keep all the items you need in one bag, when wedding day rolls around, you will know without a doubt you have everything you need.  I used a bright red bag when I got married because I liked that I could easily and quickly know where that bag was due to it’s color, but personalized sparkly bags sure are fun!

2.       Wake Up Refreshed.  Get some rest the night before your wedding so you can truly enjoy the day.  While it may be hard to settle down due to the excitement of the grand event, you will be happier if you can catch some ZZZ’s.

3.       Eat an energizing, filling breakfast.  Once you get into the fun of hair, makeup and getting ready you may not have time or feel like eating anything.  So, be sure to make time for a nutritious breakfast to keep you moving all day!

4.       Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed.  Be sure to allow enough time in the itinerary so you can enjoy the time with your bridesmaids, mom and others who are helping you get ready.  You will be happier to have 20 extra minutes than being 20 minutes behind schedule.

5.       BREATHE and Enjoy! You have spent many hours over the course of months planning this event and now it’s time to really soak it all up.  Be conscious to absorb as much of this day as you can.  I'm sure many people have told you “it goes by so fast” and believe me, they are right.  Let go of any detail from your to do list that may not have been completed and ENJOY your day!

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