Mia Bride, Maggie, Charms The Florida Coast in Amsale

We knew we would love Maggie and Justin's love story when we asked Maggie about it, and she replied, "Just think Jim and Pam (from the show, The Office)." Maggie and Justin met during a grueling interview week where Maggie was a panelist and Justin was one of the final candidates. Not only was he "funny, smart, and cute" (says Maggie), he was right for the job. As time progressed, the two started working closely together on projects and the rest is history. 

Being the planner of the two, Maggie can usually tell when something is out of the ordinary. This makes it nearly impossible for her to be surprised. Justin had a different plan. The two were long distance after Justin accepted a job in Houston. After weeks of steering Maggie in the wrong direction by planning several "special" trips, Justin popped the question while the two were lounging by the pool. To make celebration even more special, it was the same weekend Maggie got a job offer in Houston. They would begin their engagement in a new city! 

Maggie stopped by a few different bridal salons before her last stop at Mia Bridal Couture. She was on a mission to find something perfect for her Seaside wedding. 

"I had this exact gown pictured in my mind the entire time, but just never quite landed on it until our last stop at Mia." 

The last gown Maggie put on was a silk taffeta, a-line Amsale gown with a lace bodice on dainty straps. She knew it was the one when it made her emotional and tear up. Also, the pockets were a plus! 

Gown: Amsale | Photography: Brandi Smyth Photography | Location/Venue: Seaside Interfaith Chapel and Ruskin Park | Event Coordination: Cottage Rental Agency | Cake: Sweet for Sirten | Florist: Florals by the Sea | Entertainment: The Retreat Band | Catering: Bud and Alley's | Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo from Bella Bridesmaids

Top 5 Bridal Appointment Tips

You got the man, the ring, and you've booked your first bridal appointment. Now what? We understand how daunting it could be to walk into a bridal store for the first time, so we created a short list of tips to help prepare for this super special shopping trip.

5. Do a little research on designers and styles. Although we always recommend going into your appointments with an open mind, it is helpful to browse through a few magazines and/or online before your appointment. There are hundreds of gowns in each store so becoming familiar with silhouettes and designers you may be interested in gives you and the consultant a place to start. However keep in mind, it is not uncommon to steer slightly (or completely) off course. Picking your wedding gown is not like picking jeans. It is an emotional purchase so now matter how many lace fitted gowns you pinned, if the beaded, satin ballgown tugs at your heart strings, trust it!

4. Invite only your trusted confidants. We understand you may have 10 bridesmaids, 3 junior bridesmaids, and many other women involved in your wedding. However, it does not mean they should all be involved in your gown purchasing process. Ask only a small party of 3-4 people that know you best and will be your biggest advocates. Brides tend to choose gowns that make them feel beautiful, that they are confident in, and that they feel like themselves. And the only person that can describe what feels most like you is....you. Your biggest supporters will understand that. For everyone else, there will be many opportunities for a big reveal such as when you pick up the gown, fitting appointments, and of course, the big day.

3. Know your limits. Weddings are expensive. We completely understand that. At Mia, every consultant makes sure to remain respectful of what a bride is wanting to spend on her gown.  So be sure to have the important discussion with the main people involved in the budgeting of the wedding prior to your appointment. This way, when your consultants start pulling gowns for you, you can find comfort in knowing the one you fall in love with can be the one you walk down the aisle in.

2. Be prepared if you find "the one." We know how many options there are for brides, but the truth is, you start shopping so you can find one. So when you set out on anticipated search, don't be fearful when you actually find it. There are literally thousands of gowns out there, and you can search all the way until your wedding if you want. But the brides that had the most enjoyable shopping experience are brides that don't overwhelm themselves with too many options. And if you are in love with a gown but have a hesitation, be sure to express them to your consultant. Customizations are a great way to make an almost perfect gown PERFECT. If you prefer straps but is in love with the beaded details of a strapless gown, ask the consultant to show you ways to add the straps.

1. Trust your heart. Your heart is what pushed you to say yes to your fiancĂ© and that same heart will tell you what to do when you find your dream gown. There seems to be a lot of pressure put on brides to find the perfect gown, but we found the happiest brides were ones that trusted their instincts. Designer Sareh Nouri said, " I believe finding a wedding dress is like finding a true friend; you should be able to trust it, you should never regret it, and whenever you see it...it should always make you smile."

- Tina Le

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