How Gowns Are Priced

For most brides-to-be's, their wedding gown will be the most expensive garment purchase they will ever make. Although most brides come into appointments already knowing the prices of gowns, we often get the question, "Why are wedding dresses so expensive?" We consultants can go on and on about the quality of our gowns, but to save you an earful, here is a breakdown of how wedding gowns are priced.


Construction is key when it comes to how comfortable a gown is. From type of boning used to where the bodice hits at the waist is taken into account when it comes to comfort. When every component, from the draping to the beading, needs to be done by hand it takes hours of labor. Amsale is known for hand pleating their skirts and laying every lace applique by hand. While every bride that puts on an Amsale gown raves about how comfortable the gown is, we can't help but rave about how perfectly the gown is constructed. You'll find that the gown is top notch by how perfectly the seams lay flat, how beautifully the fabric drapes, and how comfortable the gown is.


Supersoft gowns are usually made from the highest quality French lace and are lined with silk. On top of the time and effort it takes to construct a gown, many hours are involved in making the fabrics. With lace, it takes hand-cutting and piecing together every single component. Lace can run up to $100 to $500 a yard.  Also, synthetic fabrics are much less expensive than those made of real silk. Although synthetic fabrics mimic silks, you can see the difference in the way the gown flows as well as the weight of the gown. Silks will weigh much less than polyesters.


There's an assumption that more embellishments means a higher price tag. This is not always the case. The cost of an embellished gown really depends on the type of crystals as well as how the details were applied. A gown with Swarovski crystals will cost much more than a gown with rhinestones or glass beadwork. And if you are looking to sparkle on your big day, Swarovski crystals will definitely do the job. On top of the cost of the crystals, the time it takes to carefully apply each one also has to be taken into consideration.  Intricate beading or embroidery done by hand will cost much more than sewn by machine. It could take up to 50 hours to hand bead hundreds of crystals on a fully beaded gown.


One of the main perks of getting a designer gown is option to make changes according to your vision. A button-lover can easily request buttons to the end of her train. A bride can love everything from the fit to the fabrication, but maybe she doesn't love the straps on the gown and would rather it be strapless. Or maybe a petite body type may need a length adjustment to make sure all of the proportions on the gown matches hers. Typically, designers can accommodate to these changes; however, it comes at a price since the designer may have to create new patterns according to the requests.

-Tina Le, Social Media Manager

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