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Wedding planning can be stressful, we know. One thing that we remind all of our brides is that at the end of all of the planning, decision-making, and dollars spent, they are married and it is time to CELEBRATE! So on today's blog, I've composed a short list of tunes we think you should consider for your special day. This lyric-driven playlist includes some true classics that are too good to ignore (this also includes the understood father-daughter song Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle) and others may catch you off guard. All in all, I hope it inspires you and your guests to get on the dance floor and celebrate!

First Dance:

"All of Me" - John Legend

Favorite Line:
"Love your curves and all your edges...All your perfect imperfections." 

"1000 Years" - Christina Perri

Favorite Line:
"And all along I believed I would find you...Time has brought your heart to me."

"I Choose You" - Sara Bareilles 

Favorite Line:
"Tell the world that we finally got it right...I choose you. I will become yours and you will become mine...I choose you."

Father-Daughter Dance:

"Constellations" - Jack Johnson

Favorite Line:
"Listen to papa's translations...Of the stories across the sky...We drew our own constellations."

"Daddy Dance With Me" - Krystal Keith

Favorite Line: 
"I want you to know I'll always need your love. Today I became his wife...But I'll be your baby girl...for life."

"Daughters" - John Mayer

Favorite Line: 
"I know a girl...She puts the color inside of my world."

Songs to Get the Party Started:

"Safe and Sound" - Capital Cities

Favorite Line: 
"You can be my luck....Even if the sky is falling down...I know that we'll be safe and sound."

"XO" - Beyonce 

Favorite Line:
"In the darkest night hour...I'll search through the crowd...Your face is all that I see...I'll give you everything."

"Mirrors" - Justin Timberlake

Favorite Line:
"I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside me...And now it's clear as this promise...That we're making two reflections into one."

-Tina Le, Social Media Manager

Rivini Trunk Show, August 21-23, 2014

"In this era of smartphones and selfies, I have become obsessed with how we saved our precious memories without the use of a camera. This is how I came across photograms. A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto a surface and then exposing them to light. The result is a negative shadow image that shows variations in tone. This collection combines that with today's 3-D printing technology. I think the result is both modern and timeless."
- Rita Vinieris

This obsession with photograms have resulted in one of the most beautiful collections by Rita Vinieris. Rivini Spring 2015 plays off this idea by incorporating transparencies, understructuring and shadowing in unique ways yet keeping the gowns feeling angelic and delicate. Sequin and beading are used but on many silhouettes, gives an illusion of the negative of beading. This exhibits beautiful, soft patterns of sparkle. Horsehair is strategically placed under layers of tulle to show a playful concept of understructuring. Textures play a big part in the collection as well. The layering of different laces underneath or over other laces, gives the collection a delicate feel,  while rows of ribbon made of leather, tulle and organza provide a modernity to the collection. Although it comes as no surprise, the thoughtful detail that went into Rivini Spring 2015 is nothing short of stunning. 

To schedule an appointment for the Rivini Trunk Show, please call (713) 622-2022 or click:

-Tina Le, Social Media Manager

Introducing Sareh Nouri

Mia Bridal Couture prides itself on hand-picking the best designers to show to our brides. The phrase "Comfortable Couture" derives from the idea of introducing brides to best quality at comfortable prices and in a comfortable environment. So when looking into adding a new designer to our collection, Sareh Nouri was an obvious choice. From the finest French laces and Italian silks to the elegant, yet modern silhouettes, Sareh Nouri really offers something for every bride. Mia Bridal Couture is happy to welcome Sareh Nouri to our boutique.

Meet Sareh Nouri

Photo Credit: sarehnouri.com

At an early age, Sareh Nouri had an obsession with wedding gowns. So much so that her own father joked about it during his speech at her own 2009 nuptials. It turns out it was her own wedding that sparked the interest in creating her own line. In her search of finding the perfect gown, she wasn't seeing anything in the market that was exactly what she wanted - something sophisticated and traditional, ethereal and elegant. 

After working with a high-end bridal salon, modeling bridal gowns, and collaborating with couture dressmakers, the Sareh Nouri line really began to form. Her experience along with her success as a graphic designer (which made her a  natural at working with patterns and layouts), Sareh was able to create dresses of her dreams. Sareh Nouri's designs are known to be not only romantic and feminine but timeless and sophisticated as well. Each design is a handmade production fusing the idea of traditional silhouettes with ethereal whimsical details so light and elegant that they are ideal for today's modern bride. 

Meet The Gowns

We couldn't be happier with this new addition to our store. If you're loving these gowns as much as we are, schedule an appointment to meet Sareh Nouri herself and try on these beauties at next weekend's trunk show, August 15-16, 2014.

-Tina Le, Social Media Manager
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