Mia Favorites: Staff Picks

                       Every bridal season, the ladies of Mia Bridal Couture gather around and gush about all the new gowns we can look forward to in the upcoming season. Sparkle...lace...full skirts...fitted skirts... It's hard not to have a new favorite gown every time we watch a runway show. So as fun experiment, I challenged the girls and I to narrow it down to one gown if it was our special day. Each one of us picked a gown, how we would accessorize it, and where we would want to host the party.  Some of us were even lucky enough to wear our dream dresses while others are still happy having a new favorite gown every few months. 

Jill and Michael Nelson: Married December 8, 2012
Photo credit: Photo Element Studio
Monica and Mason Handfelt: Married May 31, 2014 
Photo credit: Grant Daniels Photography 
Brittany and Sam Boyer: Married May 9, 2014

To inquire about the gowns you've seen here, 
please call (713) 622-2022 or visit www.miabridalcouture.com.

Tina Le, Marketing Coordinator

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