Fashion Field Trip

Jill, Co-Owner

Fashion Field Trip 
At Mia Bridal Couture, we take great pride in knowing where our gowns are created and the teams that stand behind them. So when I was granted a behind the scenes tour of designer Amsale Aberra’s production office, I leapt at the opportunity.  And, I took fabulous pictures to share with you all!
On the second floor of a very unassuming building, nestled in the heart of NYC’s Fashion District sits a jewel box of bridal fashions…

The Journey Begins 
The circa 1970’s-looking printer below may not look glamorous, but what it produces definitely is. From this bulky beast, a pattern (fashion blueprint) for each and every Amsale order is printed.
A waste of paper you say? Some designers may see it that way, but Amsale’s dedication to printing individual patterns, for every customer, guarantees superior accuracy.

From the pattern printer to the cutting tables every gown begins the same way: by hand and under watchful eyes.

But before you can cut, there must be fabric. One person stands at the machine pictured below and inspects each and every inch of fabric for any flaws. Whether it’s French Alencon lace or Italian silk, it all must pass rigorous inspection.  Amsale is known in the industry to have extremely high expectations for the fabrics she accepts!

One of my favorite parts of the tour was seeing the team that works so diligently on the gowns. Here you can see Amsale’s team hand-placing lace detail over tulle in preparation to hand sew the details. The second image is an example of Amsale’s intense quality control. This person inspects seams, beading, measurements and proportions of finished gowns.

Once said in an interview, Amsale said that when creating gowns she ,“let’s the fabric speak to me.” Amsale chooses to drape with the actual material instead of muslin so she knows exactly how the gown will lay and how the fabric can be manipulated to achieve the ultimate design.
I was clued in that Amsale’s desk isn’t always so neat. This is definitely the design office during the quiet moments that happen post NYC Bridal Week.

As much as Amsale likes to sketch her ideas, she is a “draper” at heart.  Her passion is draping designs as she adores working with the amazing fabrics in her studio.

To schedule an appointment to try on the Fall 2016 collection, please call (713) 622-2022.

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