5 Shopping Tips From A Bridal Consultant

Cathleen, Marketing, Client Experience Consultant

The second biggest "yes" of the wedding process is finding your dream gown, and with that comes definite pressure. As Bridal Consultants, we've seen it all and thought it would be helpful to give our lovely brides a few tips and tricks for your upcoming appointments.

1. Be open.
Had your heart set on a fit-To-flare, but tried on a ballgown and loved it? Don't stress! It's not everyday you try on wedding gowns, and it's a definite possibility for something might surprise you. That's the fun of the experience!

2. Give yourself time.
 Bridal Gowns are not like a "ready-to-wear" gown. Designers make the gown specifically for your measurements which makes it that much more amazing, but it also means they must be constructed from scratch. Gowns in production take 4-6 months to come in, and a month for any alterations. We say 10 months is the perfect amount of time. Any closer and it tends to get a bit dodgey.

3. Choose your audience wisely.
This is your wedding experience, not your best friend's, sister's, or your new mother-in-law. Each woman has her own style and each style should be celebrated - at the appropriate time. This is your time! Celebrate! It's okay to not like a dress your audience wants you to choose. They ultimately want you to be happy!

4. Crying. Not a requirement. 
These days reality shows give us unrealistic expectations of what our emotions are "supposed to be" when trying on wedding gowns. Let us be the first to say, the sobbing "A-Ha" moment is NOT a requirement when finding your gown. Sometimes it's a calm sigh of relief and a check off the to-do list, and "Hey, It's Okay!" as our friends say at Glamour Magazine.

5. Don't over try.
What does "over try" even mean! Exactly what it sounds like, do not try on hundreds of gowns. It actually is more confusing than helpful. 10-25 dresses is really all it takes to know  your own style. When you know, you know. Go with your gut.

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