5 Benefits of Buying "Off The Rack"

Cathleen, Marketing, Customer Experience Consultant 

A wedding is one of the most exciting events of your life, but with that excitement also comes with the madness that is wedding planning. We've come up with our top five reasons to buy your gown off the rack before walking down the isle!

1. Price
According to an article from CNN, the average cost of a wedding in 2012, was $28, 427! That's a lot of cash for one evening, but it's also an evening that will last a lifetime. Budgeting is crucial in planning a wedding, and finding ways to cut costs is key. Designer gowns often are discontinued after just a few seasons for many reasons allowing stores to sell the sample gown off the floor at a discounted rate. The price is typically cut significantly for you, and it helps the store make room for other gowns. It's a win-win. 

2. Time
Got engaged yesterday, but don't want to wait 4-6 months for your couture gown to be ready? Off the Rack is for you! Unlike "ready to wear” bridal gowns are not pre-cut. Meaning a gown typically takes 4-6 months to construct after being ordered. When time is not on your side, OTR is your friend.

3. Designer Label For Less
Dreamed of wearing a Designer Label, but did not realize the price tag attached? Have no fear, OTR is here. Designer labels can come with a high price, but sample sale gowns are a great way to get a deal on that Rivini gown you’ve had your eye on before you and your beau met!

4. Instant Gratification
I definitely relate to this benefit! I’m such an instant gratification gal. Having to wait 6 months for a gown is absolutely the pits, but with an off the rack gown it’s your take with you instantly. Imagine walking into beautiful Mia Bridal Couture and snagging your gown in the same day. What a dream!

5. Alterations Adjustments
Alterations can make magic happen in no time. Highly talented seamstresses can move a neckline, add beading, a sleeve, and create a bustle that will stop your guests dead in their tracks. Buying an off the rack gown allows for more time to make such changes. Giving the seamstresses more time on your gown allows for more details and avoids rush fees. Lucky you!
Have a wedding coming up soon? Call Mia today at 713-622-2022 to make an appointment to browse our OTR section!

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