The Un-Veiling

Cathleen, Customer Experience Consultant, Marketing

To wear a veil or not to wear a veil, that is the question. Finding the dress is just the first step in the what seems like endless decision making process of your engagement. Today, we're discussing veils. Will you wear one? Yes? No? If yes, then what length? Finger tip? Cathedral? Fly away? Overwhelmed? Stress no more! We're here to explain lengths, styles and the latest trends in the industry.

First thing's first... length.

This illustration is an absolutely perfect image for bride's to understand length terminology.

Princess Catherine flawlessly wore a hip length veil on her big day. So stunning. 

Princess Grace Kelly chose a cathedral length veil when she married the Prince of Monaco. An ultimate style icon and the inspiration for Kate's dress. 

Our gorgeous bride, Catherine's selection of a veil is one of my favorites. The satin finish is so timeless. 

Will you wear a veil on your big day? Schedule your bridal appointment with us today!

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