New Gown Arrival: Christos Lavinia

Tina Le, Marketing Coordinator / Bridal Consultant

Once upon a time, there was a bride...a bride who dreamed of the perfect wedding. A wedding consisting of the perfect wedding gown. This gown would be made of the softest tulle and adorned with the most delicate french lace appliques. She dreamt, wished and prayed...then tah-dah! Christos answered her prayers...and ours as well. Welcome Lavinia, Mia's newest addition to our Christos collection. From the tulle shirred v-neckline to its hand-appliqued french lace on a pleated tulle bodice to its tulle a-line skirt, we couldn't have asked for more a romantic and whimsical piece in our boutique. 

Christos Lavinia fairs a perfect amount of tulle and lace to contribute to its enchanting sentiment. All that's missing is Prince Charming, glass slippers, and a white stallion - straight out of a fairy tale.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

To book your appointment to try on this magical Christos gown fresh off the Spring 2014 runway, call (713) 622-2022. 

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