Austin Scarlett: A Closer Look

Emily, Co Owner

Shortly before Austin left for the airport we had a moment to chat about about a few gowns and his brand. It is inspiring to see the collection through the eyes of the designer and to feel just how passionate he is about every detail. 

Photography: Archetype Studio
Model: Melissa Day of Neal Hamil Agency

Runway Gown 16

Austin: This gown is a delightful surprise! I fall more in love with it every time I see it on brides. The gown is all about simplicity with a Origami feel, opening like a flower blossom. My idea was to allow the silhouette to be natural but balanced. I wish this picture showed the movement of the gown.

Emily: The neckline is something our brides absolutely loved about this gown. It feels so fresh and unique.

Austin: The soft dip of the neckline is meant to follow the line of a woman's body not be "forced" into a predictable sweetheart shape.

Runway Gown 5

Austin: I love a dress in motion, and this gown comes to life on a bride! The bride wearing lilac is feminine and delicate...just waiting for a wind to sweep her off to an enchanted garden.

The Red Wax Seal

Austin: The wax seal was actually a brainchild of Allison's (Austin's business partner and Director of Sales & Marketing for Austin Scarlett). It has a sexy, antique yet modern feel. But most importantly, we wanted the labeling to reflect that each and every gown is hand touched and crafted.


Runway Gown 10

Emily: This gown is absolutely stunning! It is so evident how gorgeous the model feels in the gown.

Austin: Originally we showed this gown in black on the runway, but we always knew we would cut it in ivory. I love the idea of creating a gown that is sexy, but elegant and sophisticated. This gown has a  true Hollywood glamour feel.

Runway Gown 20
Austin: This gown is a fun, celebration of being a woman! It's luxe, dramatic, lush! There is an obvious joy and playfulness to the silhouette.

Emily: It's an occupational hazard with this job, but if I were to get married again this would be my gown! I have never seen a fabric quite like this.

Austin: The fabric is Silk Duchess Floreale, and exclusively ours. It comes from a mill in Italy.

Emily: The pearls that you are wearing on your wrist in this picture, are those something special and dear as well?

Austin: (laughing) Those are my finest faux pearls! I was actually wearing them when I was eliminated from Season One of Project Runway.

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