A Winter Wedding Wonderland

Erin, stylist

As the weather has (finally!) turned to the crisp, chilly days we expect in December, here at Mia we have come up with a few of our favorite ideas to make you winter wedding truly warm and unforgettable!

Offer guests a hint of winter whimsy at your ceremony by using arrangements of natural birch and curly willow to decorate your church or venue.

Welcome your friends and family to your cocktail hour with cup of rich hot-cocoa with hand-made marshmallows or peppermint sticks, or let them choose their own drinks at a create-your-own hot toddy bar!
Think white and silver are the only ways to go for a frosty fete? Not so! Try using a wash of icey blue offset with a rich, deep aubergine or warm scarlett. If you want to add a little sparkle to your party, consider using pewter and matte gold accents in your details and reception decor.
Keep the comfort of a cozy sweater while staying chic with a fabulous faux-fur stole, the perfect accesory for the winter bride.

 A snowy send-off is the perfect end to your wonderful winter wedding!
All images courtesy stylemepretty.com

Austin Scarlett: A Closer Look

Emily, Co Owner

Shortly before Austin left for the airport we had a moment to chat about about a few gowns and his brand. It is inspiring to see the collection through the eyes of the designer and to feel just how passionate he is about every detail. 

Photography: Archetype Studio
Model: Melissa Day of Neal Hamil Agency

Runway Gown 16

Austin: This gown is a delightful surprise! I fall more in love with it every time I see it on brides. The gown is all about simplicity with a Origami feel, opening like a flower blossom. My idea was to allow the silhouette to be natural but balanced. I wish this picture showed the movement of the gown.

Emily: The neckline is something our brides absolutely loved about this gown. It feels so fresh and unique.

Austin: The soft dip of the neckline is meant to follow the line of a woman's body not be "forced" into a predictable sweetheart shape.

Runway Gown 5

Austin: I love a dress in motion, and this gown comes to life on a bride! The bride wearing lilac is feminine and delicate...just waiting for a wind to sweep her off to an enchanted garden.

The Red Wax Seal

Austin: The wax seal was actually a brainchild of Allison's (Austin's business partner and Director of Sales & Marketing for Austin Scarlett). It has a sexy, antique yet modern feel. But most importantly, we wanted the labeling to reflect that each and every gown is hand touched and crafted.


Runway Gown 10

Emily: This gown is absolutely stunning! It is so evident how gorgeous the model feels in the gown.

Austin: Originally we showed this gown in black on the runway, but we always knew we would cut it in ivory. I love the idea of creating a gown that is sexy, but elegant and sophisticated. This gown has a  true Hollywood glamour feel.

Runway Gown 20
Austin: This gown is a fun, celebration of being a woman! It's luxe, dramatic, lush! There is an obvious joy and playfulness to the silhouette.

Emily: It's an occupational hazard with this job, but if I were to get married again this would be my gown! I have never seen a fabric quite like this.

Austin: The fabric is Silk Duchess Floreale, and exclusively ours. It comes from a mill in Italy.

Emily: The pearls that you are wearing on your wrist in this picture, are those something special and dear as well?

Austin: (laughing) Those are my finest faux pearls! I was actually wearing them when I was eliminated from Season One of Project Runway.
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