Gown Inspiration: Double the Eylet, Double the Fun!

Emily, Co Owner

Breeze through any bridal magazine of the moment, and you will notice lace is in. Very in!

Thankfully Amsale Aberra, designer of Christos, doesn't dwell too much on what everyone else is doing. She is too busy creating what's next.

In that spirit, we are excited  about the arrival of Spring 2013 Christos gowns Gretta and Nora, both featuring the very unexpected texture of eyelet lace.

The Christos collection gives nod to the lace trend, but infuses these two silhouettes with an individualism that every bride wants for her special day.

Christos "Gretta"

Christos "Nora"
With a dramatic peplum detail, the Gretta gown beckons to the fashion-forward bride. A bride who wants to pay tribute to tradition but only on her own fashion terms.

Featuring a softer silhouette, the Nora gown bridges the line between sweet and sexy; a subtle but bold statement for a more demure bride.  

Falling in love with both gowns was easy. But choosing the one? We will leave that to you! But we are happy to share how the eyelet has inspired us...


The debate of our favorite may never be settled, but it is certain the bride who wears either is chic and confident. We cannot wait for you to see these gowns in person and hear which you love! 

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