Inquiring Brides: Q & A with Maria Prince

Emily, Co-Owner

Vatana Watters & Maria Prince

It's finally the week of the Watters Trunk Show, and we are so excited! Only a few appointments remaining. Have you scheduled yours?

When you have the pleasure of working alongside people who genuinely believe in what they create, you find it doesn’t feel like work at all. And the Watters team’s zeal is infectious!
A few moments with Watters Vice President, Maria Prince, and you will feel it too!
Emily: Who is the Watters bride?
Maria: We think our brides have a certain charm, a casual elegance of sorts. In two words : effortless chic. She appreciates and understands finer details like supple silk fabrics, delicate embroidery or bold, luxe embellishments.
She is current and clever however doesn’t fall prey to every of the moment trend.
E: What was one of your favorite gowns from the latest collection?
M: A bit unfair! We truly love each one for their individual design personality. But to pick two it is – Odette for its rustic chic vintage inspired details and Chantalle for her intricate soft statement detail and silhouette
E: What would brides love to know about the Watters team?
M: This is the most passionate and dedicated team of individuals I have ever seen. An amazing group of people with such talent and drive who have the pleasure of doing what they love. At the helm is Vatana Watters, who leads with grace & style. She inspires us every day to reach beyond the ordinary.
E: What makes you personally feel passionate about bridal?
M: Knowing that what we do is such an important part of a bride’s special day. Never for a moment do we forget that this is a once in a lifetime experience. That thought drives each and every one of us to make each gown memorable. 
E: Being a lady of style, what are your other favorite wedding trends of the moment?  
M: Another tough one! I love the way each bride is incorporating such unique details into their big day. I do have to say I am loving the return of the exit dress. Such a nod to the past when the bride & groom whisked away with fanfare & fun. It’s the perfect way to express both styles sides of yourself – formal elegance for the wedding mixed with a modern charm mini to exit. Note to all – what a fabulous photo-op for the most divine after party pics!
We are so excited for Maria to arrive at Mia this Friday for the Trunk Show. Schedule your appointment now, 713.622.2022 .

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