That Time of Year

Emily, Co-Owner

While perusing Mia's favorite wedding blogs, I have discovered so many beautifully caputured moments that warm the soul and melt the heart.

A cynic may say that melting feeling stems from the temperatures outside that could literally liquify, but a true lover of everything bridal knows the sentiment comes from the fact that it is that time of year.  

Between these summer months and into October, the magical day for many of our brides will finally arrive. Why are we so excited? Well this means the team at Mia finally get's to see how gorgeous and flawless the final look comes together!

So cheers to all our brides getting married in these next few months! We cannot wait to share those special pictures from your day. But while we wait, here are a few images that made me melt

All images from the following blogs, check them out! Style Me Pretty, Kiss the Groom, 100 Layer Cake
Jennifer Eileen
Jess Barfield Photography

                Jana Williams Photography

Apryl Ann Photography
Elizabeth Messina Photography

Hidden Key Designs

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