Behind the Dress: Interview with Judd Waddell

It is an absolute dream to share my interview with Judd Waddell on our series "Behind the Dress" today. As a childhood tomboy, and a closet Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine hoarder, I've coveted Judd's timeless designs since middle school. Judd's craftsmanship is amazingly evident throughout his collections, and I'm tickled pink to share our chat with you all today.

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I'm convinced Judd and I could be best friends. Think so too? You're in luck, Judd Waddell himself will be in our store on October 31-November 1 for a highly anticipated trunk show. Call today to schedule your appointment at (713) 622-2022. 

Gorgeous Manicures to Complete Your Bridal Look

Getting a manicure will be one of the last things on the TO-DO list before the big day. Amidst the hundreds of decision you'll be making, I'm sure your mani-pedi is the last thing on your mind. Most brides won't even think about what to do with their nails until it's time to get them done. But to put things into perspective...can you imagine how many toasts you'll be raising your glass to?
Of course you can always stick to a neutral color, but adding fun details can really enhance your bridal ensemble. Sparkle, textures, multiple colors....there are so many new nail trends to choose from! So we're here to help you put your finger (pun intended) on the perfect 10 no matter what type of bride you are.
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* Pictures of Nail Art were taken from Pinterest. 

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Wedding Gown Shopping: Words To Know

A first-time bride's very first bridal appointment can be the toughest. Unless you've done your research or watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, it can be hard to translate what you want out of your gown. Not to mention, having to keep up with the consultant's bridal terminology! So here, I've created a short list of key words that may come up during a bridal appointment. You'll be a pro with the lingo in no time!

A bustle is technique used by seamstresses to raise the train of the gown off the floor so it doesn't get soiled. This will make the gown much more manageable after the ceremony and will allow you to dance the night away. Alteration experts have several methods of creating bustles that complement you and your gown. There are 2 commonly used bustles: French and American. The French bustle consists of the fabric gathering underneath the gown while the American  bustle consists of the gathering over the gown.

Fingertip, Chapel, and Cathedral Lengths
There are many lengths in between these three but you will find these will be most referenced. Most often, these lengths are used in the conversation of veils, but the terms can also describe train lengths, a specific point on the gown, or where fabric starts/stops. Finger tip is just what it sounds like. When discussing veils, the veil would end at the "finger tip" which is measured at around 38"-40". Chapel length ends slightly after a gown without much of a train and can be measured at around 90". Chapel length veils are great for brides that want the look of a train without the hassle as it extends pass the gown. Cathedral length is the grandest of them all as they measure at around 120". A cathedral veil extends far pass the gown for a dramatic walk down the aisle. 

Some believe that blusher veils covering the face were first worn to rid off evil spirits while others believe that it is was worn just as a symbol of significance to distinguish a bride on her wedding day. Either/Or, today the veil has become a significant part of a bride's wedding attire. If you ask a bride about the first moment she felt like a bride, the most common answer would be the moment she put on her veil. Today many brides have ditched the blusher all together and just opt for a veil worn to the back. However, if you are bride looking to stick to tradition, adding a blusher to your veil would be a great way to do so. A blusher falls over the face and ends near the top of the dress. It measures at about 30". The blusher is worn walking down the aisle and is usually lifted by the father of the bride as he gives her hand to the groom or by the groom, himself. 

Alencon vs Chantilly Lace
Alencon lace is a needlepoint lace that originated in Alencon, France. Although still delicate, it is known for having a heavy cording around it's floral motifs. Known as the "Queen of Lace," it is one of the most popular laces in bridal. Chantilly lace is known for being a very soft, fine lace. Although it is corded like Alencon lace, it is much more delicate. 
Have you ever wondered how wedding dresses can be so big? The (not so) secret is crinoline! Crinoline is a stiffened petticoat added to the underskirt of a gown to create fullness or what we like to call POUF. Crinoline is usually made of an open-weave fabric of horsehair or cotton and is added to a gown in layers. The beauty of crinoline is that you can create the perfect gown fullness by adding or taking out as many layers as your gown permits. 

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Casey and Brad's Reception at Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Nothing get us more excited than receiving pictures from our brides. During appointments, gush over their venues, their colors, and their plans but the reward really doesn't come until we see the final product. So when Casey mentioned her reception would be at Saint Arnold's Brewery, I knew I had to see the pictures. And they definitely didn't disappoint. From the candy table to Casey's gorgeous Amsale gown to her contagious smile, everything turned out just as Casey described during her appointment...perfect! Congratulations to the lovely couple.

Amsale Spring 2015 Trunk Show Preview

Watch all that goes into creating a fabulous Amsale runway show here.  

To try on these gorgeous gowns during the Amsale Trunk Show on September 25-27, please call (713) 622-2022 or click below:

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